The People To Know When Renting Out A Home

Renting out a home is never as easy as simply handing over the keys to a place and leaving the tenants to do their own thing. Landlords often have to put a huge amount of their time into this sort of investment, making sure that the place is in good shape, while also keeping the people living inside in check. To help you out with this work, this post will be exploring some of the best people to know when you need some support, making it much easier to manage, while also ensuring that you always get the best results.

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Fresh Picks: Light it Up!

With the recent purchase of my home, I’ve been on a tight budget to redecorate, so naturally I did some investigating to find some pretty new items without breaking the bank. Majority of the needs were additional lighting, which can get expensive quickly so below I listed some of my favorite finds and look-a-likes for a fraction of the price. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!


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Skull details for the home


Even though Halloween only comes once a year, I have a slight obsession with skulls and have listed a few of my favorite finds below that are tasteful for all seasons. Something as simple as a random assortment of skulls on the mantle can transition from fall to winter with an easy addition of twinkle lights. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy and Happy Halloween! Continue reading