Halloween Libations // 7 Deadly Cocktails

I don’t think there has been any other holiday that I have been so good on posting about since I started TBV… In lieu of Halloween festivities starting as early as next weekend, I rounded up some wickedly delicious cocktails – some may be more intensive merely because the ingredients call for dry ice, but well worth it if you are hosting a dinner party. Read the full post for recipes below and I hope you enjoy!

TheBlondeVenture.com - Sleepy Hollow Cocktail

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Seasonally-Inspired Cocktails That’ll Blow Your Guests Away

As we go into the new year, it’s sometimes nice to think ahead a little, especially to all the new flavors that the new season brings. Not only can you include these flavors in your food, but also in your drinks too: libations that’ll inspire and taste great when entertaining friends.

There are plenty of drinks to choose from too, many of them not only a joy to drink but also to make too. Take a look at some of these fresh, spring cocktail ideas to get you going.

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