Cyber Monday Sales Guide 2018

Good morning, everyone and happy Cyber Monday!! I am currently snowed in from the Chicago blizzard and don’t mind one bit at all! I am happy to be doing all my cyber shopping from the comfort of my couch! I do have to say that these are the best Cyber Monday deals I have seen ever! Many stores are offering 25% to 50% off and free shipping for Cyber Monday, so get all your Christmas gifts before the deals are over!

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How to // Prepare for Your Next Trip

If you’re setting off on an international trip this year, make sure you are as ready as you can be by asking yourself some vital questions before leaving. Those questions include; Where are you going and why? What should you have in your international travel checklist? And is money going to be a problem? The reason these three questions should top your list are because you need to make sure your destination is perfect for you, once you’re there you want to be confident that you have prepared well and finally you don’t want to be concerned about money when you’re already abroad.

To tackle the first of these questions you really need to find what makes you tick. So, let’s look into that question and the options that await you.

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Giving Your Home An Extra Dash of Luxury

Who wouldn’t love a luxurious and fancy home? While it may seem like this is something only the rich and privileges can afford, luxury isn’t actually just about money. It’s about how you spend it – and the sense of style you have when decorating your home.

If you’re looking for that extra bit of luxury to your home, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here is a handful of tips on how to make your home just a bit more comfortable and classy without really breaking the bank so that you can enjoy your hibernation even more this winter.

It is, after all, what a home should be like; a place to hibernate and prepare yourself for the cold outside world.

Modern Chanel/Kate Moss/Lips Fashion Wall Art

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