Travel Tips Abroad // To Rent A Car or Not to Rent a Car?

It’s hard to take advantage of your time in a place if you don’t have the right transport for it. When going on vacation, a lot of people try to rely on the public transport found in their destination, only to find that the language barrier makes it near impossible to use the systems which are in place for the locals. Along with this, buses and trains may not always cover all of the ground you’d like to see. When you decide to drive on vacation, though, you have to consider the risks which come with it, not just the benefits.

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Could South Africa Be The New Best Place For Wine In The World?

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When you think of where to travel to experience the best of wine, the first place you’ll think of is France. After all, the French have been teaching the rest of the world how to make great wine for centuries.

The next place you might consider is Italy, or perhaps an up-and-comer, like Chile. But few people would make South Africa as their top choice.

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How to // Prepare for Your Next Trip

If you’re setting off on an international trip this year, make sure you are as ready as you can be by asking yourself some vital questions before leaving. Those questions include; Where are you going and why? What should you have in your international travel checklist? And is money going to be a problem? The reason these three questions should top your list are because you need to make sure your destination is perfect for you, once you’re there you want to be confident that you have prepared well and finally you don’t want to be concerned about money when you’re already abroad.

To tackle the first of these questions you really need to find what makes you tick. So, let’s look into that question and the options that await you.

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