4 Ways You May Be Letting Down Your Style

Ah, style, it’s not easy is it? Sometimes, the difficulty of always trying to look your best is enough to make you long for a rule that makes everyone dress the same. But thankfully, that feeling doesn’t last too long. For the most part, our style functions as a freedom of expression, one that allows us to look great and feel confident. Sometimes, however, we’re our own worst enemy. While we can generally get things right, sometimes we find that some simple errors are enough to let down how good we look. Below, we take a look at some useful ways to keep these errors at bay.

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Eco-Friendly Fashion Tips

Wearing green is not just about choosing the color of the outfits you wear. It’s not about wearing rings emblazoned with the brightest emeralds. It’s about making fashion choices that positively affect the environment, instead of adding to the global damage that we hear about in the media. We all have a part to play, in all aspects of our lives, and this includes the way we approach fashion.

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How To // Minimize (& maximize) Your Wardrobe

Since I moved to LA I have gone through what feels like a monthly ‘purge’ with full intent to seriously – I swear I mean it this time! – clean out my wardrobe and continuously have failed to do so. I have some items that are ratty old tees that, for whatever reason, I think I can make trendy some how if I just find the right bottoms to match. After much scouring online, I compiled my top tips to help others suffering from afraid-to-let-go wardrobe syndrome such as myself.

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