Small Details Matter When Planning a Stay at Home Date

We often feel that if we’re not out and exploring, a date is often worthless. ‘Nights in’ on the couch might constitute a date with our loved one, but these nights hardly feel like an event compared to dressing up in your finest clothing and heating to a wonderful restaurant. But home dates are often underestimated in how beautiful they can be. Perhaps arranging one of these from time to time can be more personable than simply surprising your loved one with dinner out. Instead, it can be something that shows just how much love and care you’ve put into the evening, how you wish to tailor every single thing for your better half to enjoy.

*The following post is a contributed article.

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Maryland Blue Crab + Apple Salad

With summer being in full swing and spending many weekends by the ocean down at the shore, I  have recently had an insatiable hunger for crabmeat and decided to combine some of my favorite flavors for this perfect summer recipe. Typically a buttery Chardonnay or a Pinot Gris pair very well with fresh crab meat, but this afternoon I was craving a 2010 Bordeaux – to each her own!  Please see ingredients and details on this delicious summer crab salad below!

Summer Crab Salad

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