How To // Plan The Best Girls Night In

When it comes to planning the ultimate girlsโ€™ night in, you have to get it right. Yes, you see your girlfriends as much as you can, but getting the whole group together is a rarity, so making it the best possible night is key. Forget going out and spending all of your cash, and then trying to work out which subway line you need to get home on, after having (more than) one too many cocktails. You can have just as much fun at home, if you follow these easy steps.

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Seasonally-Inspired Cocktails That’ll Blow Your Guests Away

As we go into the new year, itโ€™s sometimes nice to think ahead a little, especially to all the new flavors that the new season brings. Not only can you include these flavors in your food, but also in your drinks too: libations thatโ€™ll inspire and taste great when entertaining friends.

There are plenty of drinks to choose from too, many of them not only a joy to drink but also to make too. Take a look at some of these fresh, spring cocktail ideas to get you going.

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