Why An Extra Half An Hour In The Morning Could Set You Up For The Day

Not all that long ago, we told you how to slow your roll and enjoy a more relaxing lifestyle. In this busy modern age, taking tips like these on board is more critical than ever. Let’s be honest; most of us rush around so often much we forget what ‘taking things slowly’ means. But, as we move further into 2019, it’s worth setting yourself a few goals to help you towards a slower way of life. Before you know, this could transform your thinking and your performance.

Of course, you don’t have to make substantial changes to ensure this works. Sometimes, it’s the small stuff which makes the most difference. Plus, keeping things modest ensures this is a resolution you’re unlikely to break. To some people, that could mean taking twenty minutes out for yoga every morning. If you can’t manage even that, though, we’ve got a suggestion which is even more straightforward.

In reality, slowing down needn’t be any more complicated than leaving half an hour earlier in the morning. This would allow you to walk instead of drive, or ride your bike instead of hopping on the bus. It’s also something most of us could manage if we set our minds to it. And, it could see us enjoying the following benefits.

De-stress rather than add stress

The morning commute is pretty stressful for the majority of us. We’re talking delays, traffic, and a constant eye on the time. This is especially likely if you don’t leave until the last possible minute. When you don’t have much time to play with, every second you spend held up is sure to send your blood pressure soaring. When you take your time, though, you have a chance to destress on that journey instead of winding yourself up. Leaving yourself time to walk to work, for instance, will leave you pretty zen once you arrive in the office. Wouldn’t that be better than a journey which starts you on a stressful footing?

Reduce the risks of travel

When we commute during rush hour, we face endless risks. Congested roads can lead to accidents. Busy times can lead to public transport delays. Even those using rideshare companies like Lyft could see themselves wrecked in a Lyft before their day gets going. None of this is going to help you much with your state of mind. By leaving early, you can enjoy alternative, less risky transport methods. Even if you stick to the roads, quieter periods are sure to see you sailing through in a way you never thought possible.

Give yourself time to get organized

If we don’t get organized in the morning, it can feel as though we’re playing catch-up all day. Don’t do it to yourself. At the very least, leaving half an hour earlier allows you to arrive organized and ready to go. That benefit alone could see you feeling less stressed for the entirety of your day. All for the sake of half an hour less in bed.