Keep it Classic // Timeless Home Decor Inspo

Redecorating and transforming your home can be a lot of fun, but it comes at a cost. New kitchen and bathrooms, new decor, furniture and more can cost absolutely thousands. If you want to avoid shelling out every few years, your best bet is to keep things classic. Go with good quality furniture that will last, and styles that won’t look dated when trends move on. You can easily switch up the accessories of a room to add color or interest cheaply- as long as the ‘bare bones’ of the rooms have been chosen well. Here are some classic styles that will stand the test of time, and enable you to switch up the look of your home over the years just by changing out a few cheap accessories.


Whether it’s solid wooden floors, furniture or wood blinds– this material will stand the test of time. Not only is it hardwearing and practical but it can also be changed over time too. A little sanding and painting or staining can give it a fresh new look if needed later down the line. You can also switch out things like hardware on furniture such as the legs and handles, to make it look more modern and work with whatever is on trend. However, if you go with a classic style and wood color (such as oak), it will always look fantastic and work with any other decor changes you make over the years. Metal, glass and other furniture materials can look interesting and trendy, but none of them will stand the test of time in the way that wood will.

Neutral colors

When it comes to decorating your floors and walls, light neutral colors are always going to be your best bet. They make any room look bigger and brighter, and it doesn’t have to equal dull decor. You can always bring in color and interest with cushions, rugs, curtains and accessories. You can hang art on the wall and put up statement lighting. If you keep a blank canvas, everything else in the room will work perfectly and you won’t end up with it looking cluttered or over the top- as lots of color of pattern can sometimes do. When your walls start looking tired, a quick coat of paint is all they will need. No need to cover old color with lots and lots of layers or mess around stripping wallpaper. Keep things neutral when it comes to your bathroom and kitchen too. It might be tempting to add color with the cupboard doors or go with trendy patterned tiles, but these will always look dated when trends move on. White tiles, white or wooden cupboards and good quality natural stone counters such as marble and granite will always look chic. These kinds of things will make your home more valuable if you come to sell later down the line, as neutrals and classic styles will appeal to more people.

A leather suite

Leather is durable and looks smart meaning it’s perfect for your three piece suite if you don’t want to have to keep replacing it every few years. Go with a good quality brand, you’ll want models that have been designed well and rigorously tested, this generally means paying more. But unlike fabric, leather can be wiped down and cleaned so protects against food and drink spills as well as everyday living with kids and pets. A good quality leather will wear well, and can actually look even better as time goes on. Go with a neutral color and you’ll be able to keep your sofa for a decade or more, even if you change the style or colors of the rest of the room.

Making good choices and investing a little more from the outset will save you time and money later on. You can still change up the look of your rooms, but in a way that’s much cheaper than having to replace everything. Home is where the heart is, and so a place that we feel happy and comfortable is really important, and so choosing the right pieces that will last will always be in your best interests.