Hidden Clutter & Oversights Of An Overstuffed Home

When it comes to feeling relaxed and comfortable in the home, clutter is undoubtedly one of the worst enemies a woman can have. Yet, we are often our worst enemies when it comes to how exactly it finds a place in the home. Here, we’re going to look at habits and strategies to adopt that can help us keep things neat, tidy, and far less stressful.

Be selective about buying

You don’t exactly have to go the route of full minimalism to be a little more selective about what you welcome into your home. If you love your home décor, you can still do it a little more responsibly. When you feel the impulse to pick up a new knick-knack of piece of furniture, ask yourself some questions before buying it. Where will it go? Do I already have something that has the same appeal? Can I replace something else with this? Instead of continuously adding to the home, think about how you will be curating it instead. Not only does it avoid clutter but it also helps you stay away from buyer’s remorse.

Add some much-needed structure

Clutter isn’t only about mistakes in managing what knick-knacks and decorations you buy for the home, it’s also about how you manage all the things that move from place to place. Laundry, essentials, and practical items that can end up cluttering up desks, tables, and wardrobes. Home organization options can help you look at ways to improve storage, both permanent and temporary, so that everything always has a place to be in. It keeps the mess out of mind so you can be back to it when you have the time.

Chores don’t have to be a chore

“Clean more” may sound like an easy tip to give, but the truth is that you don’t have to clean more, you just have to clean more often. Being efficient and separating your chores list into smaller tasks that you can complete a little at a time throughout the day means that home is kept clean for longer. If you leave it all for the big weekend clean, you are going to have more mess to deal with than if you broke it down into smaller tasks.

Keep it easy to clean

If you’re open to making bigger changes to the home, then you can make it much more efficient to clean by looking at the surfaces you use. Surfaces that attract dirt, dust, and stains like carpets are going to require you to spend a lot more time cleaning them. Instead, look at some of the easiest-to-clean surfaces like linoleum floors, granite countertops, or marble and stone for the bathroom. Every bit of clutter leaves a little dust or residue, so you want to think about how not only to clear away the clutter but to also diminish its impact.

With the tips above, not only will you have less clutter to worry about, but it’s going to make the home much easier to keep clean. With no need for long housekeeping binges, you have more time to keep for yourself and the things you love.

*This post is a contributed article. Thank you to the brands for providing these as samples to share with my readers!*