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How To // Plan The Best Girls Night In

When it comes to planning the ultimate girls’ night in, you have to get it right. Yes, you see your girlfriends as much as you can, but getting the whole group together is a rarity, so making it the best possible night is key. Forget going out and spending all of your cash, and then trying to work out which subway line you need to get home on, after having (more than) one too many cocktails. You can have just as much fun at home, if you follow these easy steps.

Start with some good fooD!

The best place to start your girls’ night in is at the dinner table, and this gives you a chance to enjoy a great meal and begin to have a catch up with your girlfriends. Don’t worry if cooking isn’t your jam (or you just don’t want to deal with the pressure of impressing all of your friends with your culinary skills), as you can get home delivery meals instead. No cooking, no stress, and nobody leaving the house to go and pick it up. Win-win.

Make Delish cocktails

Making your own cocktails is a fun thing to do with your friends, and the best part about this is (undoubtedly) drinking them. You can all try your hand at this, by making cocktails with your favorite tipples and fresh ingredients, and you may even make up something amazing, that you never thought of before. If you can make a Mojito, you can do pretty much anything in life, you know? Investing in a cocktail shaker will serve your girls’ night well.

Spice up your decor

You can make your home – and the focus of it, your living room – the perfect environment for your girls’ night in. You can do this by putting up fairy lights around your shelves and other items of furniture, and you can even put them inside jars and vases if you want to add to the warmly lit look. There’s nothing like a bit of mood lighting, and creating a cute environment is key to having a great night.

See what’s on Netflix (obvi)

After you’ve had a few cocktails and a great meal, you may want to watch a chick flick, for old times’ sake. Think of a movie that you used to watch at sleepovers, or a movie that made you all laugh when a guy broke your heart and you just needed to feel a bit of girl power. You’ll have a good time reminiscing, and there’s nothing that can lift your spirits quite like a good ol’ fashioned (funny) girls movie. Take your pick, your girlfriends will love it.

So, if you’re going to plan the best girls’ night in, then start off with a delicious meal that your friends will all enjoy (and get it delivered to save you the hassle), make some cocktails, and finish the night off with a chick flick. Don’t forget to add fairy lights, and you have yourself the best night ever. Have fun!