4 Ways To Add Instant Class To Your Living Room

We all want a home that feels cosy and welcoming, but it’s okay to demand more from your interiors. It’s completely acceptable to want to add a touch of class to your decor; a few decorative flourishes that create a talking point for guests while elevating your sense of personal style, imbuing it with a little extra touch of sophistication. If you’re worried that this will require expensive and disruptive renovations, worry not. Being classy has never been exclusively about monetary wealth. In truth, there are a number of ways in which you can add instant class to your living room without breaking the bank, betraying your own personal sense of style or robbing your home of its cosiness…

Injecting class from the ground up!

While our thoughts often turn immediately to our walls when we think about our interiors, let’s not forget the transformative effect that changing your flooring can have on your living space. Nothing says sophistication quite like wooden floors. They’re hard wearing, ageless, warming and yet cooling and they can be tailored to match virtually any aesthetic from gleaming brushed steel modernity to a more traditional and rustic design concept. But don’t think for one second that if your budget won’t extend to hardwood that leaves you out of options. Head on over to Montgomery’s and you’ll find a huge range of designer laminate and vinyl floors which give you a look and feel similar to wood at a fraction of the price.

Keep it simple on your walls

A classy look isn’t about expensive and ostentatious affectations. It’s simply a matter of letting the finer things that you have speak for themselves and giving them room to breathe. Nowhere is this dictum more applicable than on your walls. Don’t feel the need to crowd your walls with expensive art pieces to imbue your home with a sense of class. Keep them bare and decorated in light and neutral shades for the most part. When you do hang art, keep it simple. Opt for larger pieces and dedicate as much space to them as you can. Remember that how you light your art is an important factor in helping it make the right statement.

It’s all done with mirrors

It’s a little harder to make smaller spaces look classier. However, while you cannot change the size of your rooms, what you can do is lend them an illusion of space with mirrors. These reflect the natural light coming in and make your space look bigger and brighter, especially when you choose a sparse aesthetic for your walls.

Living in a material world

Class isn’t just something that you can see, it’s something that you can touch. In many cases, using synthetic materials can cheapen the look and feel of your space. Wherever possible use natural fabrics and materials like cotton, wool, stone and wood. Not only will this make your home look and feel classier, they will also help to create a more relaxing living space.

Stay classy, folks!