3 Areas In Life Where You Can’t Afford To Be A Penny Pincher

Money can be a tricky subject. However much we have, it’s never quite enough. Is it any wonder that there’s so much advice out there on how we can all cut costs here and there to scythe down the increasingly untenable cost of living? Yet, while we all benefit from clipping coupons, finding out who has the cheapest gas, getting the most out of loyalty schemes and saving money on clothes without letting down your style, there are some cases in which saving actually isn’t prudent. There are some areas in life where saving money now can actually cost you more later. Let’s face it, we could all do with having a little more disposable income handy to pay for the finer things in life like delicious meals, beautiful clothes and a really comfortable sofa. But here are some areas where scrimping and saving now will actually make it harder to get there later…

// Your roof //

You likely don’t think about the roof of your home all that often. It’s just kinda… There. Unless, of course, a strong gust of wind starts to blow shingles into your driveway or heavy rainfall makes patches of damp appear on your bedroom ceiling. In the face of this unexpected cost, your first instinct will likely be to simply replace your asphalt tiles with more of the same, but this may be folly. Instead take the time in choosing the best roofing contractor near you and asking them to fit metal shingles instead. These are marginally more expensive but they are infinitely more hardy. What’s more they can help you to make big savings on your energy bills all year round. Metal shingles keep your home warm in winter yet help it to stay cool in summer.

// Your car maintenance //

Most households need a vehicle to get around today, but a car needn’t be the money pit that we all assume it to be. When you spare the expense to ensure that your car is well maintained, you can save yourself a small fortune in expensive repairs later on down the line. While you may assume that taking your car to the supplying dealer for oil servicing and maintenance is an unnecessary expense, it can save you money in the long term by using genuine parts. Non genuine car parts in servicing, maintenance and repairs can not only increase your risk of needing further repairs, they can in some cases even increase your risk of injury or death in an accident. It’s simply not worth the risk! What’s more, your supplying dealer will train their technicians more often and to a higher standards than a third party repair shop.

// Your workplace benefits //

Workplace benefits can seem like an unnecessary drain on your paycheck when you have no need of them, and you may feel as though you’d be better off without them. However, if you eschew workplace benefits now, you could be setting yourself up for a fall later. Voluntary benefits like visual, dental or even pet insurance can save you a small fortune in the long run.

There are many areas in life where you can afford to be a penny pincher… But in these areas it simply does not pay!

*This post is a contributed article. Thank you to the brands for providing these as samples to share with my readers!*