How To // Minimize (& maximize) Your Wardrobe

Since I moved to LA I have gone through what feels like a monthly ‘purge’ with full intent to seriously – I swear I mean it this time! – clean out my wardrobe and continuously have failed to do so. I have some items that are ratty old tees that, for whatever reason, I think I can make trendy some how if I just find the right bottoms to match. After much scouring online, I compiled my top tips to help others suffering from afraid-to-let-go wardrobe syndrome such as myself.

#1 Have you worn this in the past 6 months?

This one is pretty easy and a great way to start. Shamefully speaking, I have re-worn the same tees and tanks on the regular while majority of my closet is gathering dust. In fairness, my full time job is within sales so I do have a lot of dressy blouses for client meetings that are needed but don’t get much wear.

If you haven’t worn it in the past 6 months and it isn’t expensive or an for an occasion, but are scared of letting go you can use this pro tip: Turn all your hangers so they are facing the same direction. When you wear the article of clothing, be sure to rehang it the opposite way of the rest of the hangers. Set a timeframe: a month or two should be good enough. At the end of this timeframe you can see which tops you actually ended up wearing and the rest you can bid adieu.

#2 Do you look as good as you want to in it?

Typically this can be taken two ways: I have a lot of awesome cut outfits that fit me very well but color or pattern just is so wrong.  Majority of my closet has always been a range in the color spectrum of white to black (exciting I know) so a few years back I was determined to brighten up my wardrobe which was a huge mistake. Now I have all these bright colorful clothes that look awful with my skin tone and I still have buyer’s remorse over them. Today is the day they are finally off to a happy home and I learned my lesson to not stray from my color spectrum again.

The second is I am often stuck with tops that look like a potato sack, but I’m obsessed with the material or pattern and want to keep it in hopes that maybe someday I’ll become flat chested or shorter or taller or be transplanted in to a different body. Shockingly, none of those will ever happen. Toss!!

#3 Okay so you look bomb, but is it still age appropriate?

You don’t want to admit it, but you’re getting older. And that sexy bodycon dress from your early twenties is just not hitting your thigh the way it used to. This is a tough one because not only do you have to let go of your favorite party clothes, but you also have to acknowledge you’re slowly maturing into a more graceful wardrobe…… boy bye.

#4 You’ve made it past 1 – 3. Yay! Does it have holes, tears, unrepairable issues?

Yet again another never ending circle of clothes that I keep saying, I will sew this strap back on this weekend! Or: Totally turning these hideous bellbottoms into great skinny jeans. If you have gone through this thought process and have 90% confidence you actually will not get around to repairing it before the season is over it’s time to donate and free up that closet space.

#5 you have a pile of clothes to say good-bye to. Now what?

Thankfully there are several options once you’ve made it to the final step of the wardrobe purge. My personal favorite has been ThredUp and am listing details on each below based on personal experience:

  1.  ThredUp – Why is it the top of my list? Because you get a cute polka dot bag in the mail, pre-paid shipping both ways and there is basically no extra effort on your end. Toss in the bag, drop off and boom, out of your life forever!! A nice perk is they have a donate option to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Con: You don’t make nearly as much money as the other options, but do not have the hassle of listing, answering questions and shipping items and can always adjust the price once ThredUp has posted.
  2. Poshmark – I have made around $2K alone just in things I stopped wearing which is so awesome, but spent many hours dealing with taking photos and continuously running to the post office and waiting in line to ship. If you have this patience then by all means go for it!
  3. In store consignment – My personal favorite which has multiple locations is Buffalo Exchange. It can get a little hipster and the line to wait to sell clothes can be a b*tch on the weekends but you also get a fair price for items that are within a year or so. The only catch is they have a great selection of lightly worn clothes to choose from in the store so more often than not I walk out with more clothes than I walked in with. Sigh!

Thanks for taking the plunge with me and I hope this helps you declutter your own wardrobe! xx Brittany