Giving Your Home A Bolder Persona

Every household should have its own personality. It shouldn’t feel like a lifeless showhome. Contemporary design is great, but your home needs some substance to go with it. The best houses have their own character. They make a bolder statement than the most fashionable piece of decor from the most exclusive home store. That’s not to say you should dismiss luxurious design but that you should be designing your house with the purpose of creating a cozy and inviting abode. Let’s talk about ways to give your home a bolder persona.

// Think about personalization //

First of all, you have to make your home feel personal to you. If it’s going to get a new persona then that persona should reflect your taste. The most appealing households feel unique and specific to the families who own them. Don’t just try to make it look like a showhome; make it one of a kind. Create some artwork with your family that you can hang on the walls. Get some ornaments of your favorite travel destinations to line the shelves. Make this house a home, and its persona will reflect yours. Personalization is the key.

// Think about exterior design //

A pretty interior design won’t make up for shabby exterior design. If you’re going to renovate your home so that it has a more captivating persona then your renovation needs to be consistent. The outside of your property needs to match the inside. Perhaps you could repaint the front door or line the front path with flowers to make it more welcoming and colorful. As for the back garden, you could plant some new flowers so that you have a reason to frequently tend to your garden. Make the patio feel cozy too; some creature comforts will give your garden character. A few cushioned loungers and a table for garden meals could make the difference. You might even want to find a specialist who can help you with outdoor roofing. A patio awning will give you shelter and make your garden feel homely whilst also being stylish. Don’t underestimate the importance of exterior design.

// Think about lighting //

Another important home design aspect to consider is the lighting you use both inside and outside your house. When it comes to giving your abode some character, lighting plays a big part in the atmosphere you create. A well-designed home might still feel uncomfortable and unappealing if it’s poorly lit. Use neutral colors to brighten up rooms in your home. White reflects light, so it’ll freshen up the aesthetic of your household. As for artificial lighting, use lamps with soft lighting for areas of relaxation; you want to give these spaces a warm and inviting feel. Lighting can make a room feel cozy. You should consider getting some solar lights for your garden too, returning to the topic of exterior design. That’ll mean you can enjoy and admire your outdoor paradise during the evening. After all, it’s supposed to be your outdoor lounge. Give your home a bright and vibrant persona by thinking carefully about lighting.

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