Send Household Bills Packing When You Embark On Long-Term Travel

We’re all agreed that long-term travel is the bomb, right? Nothing beats going away and making a temporary home for yourself for a month or more. Unlike short trips, this gives you a real taste of life in a destination. You’ll be able to sit back and really appreciate the place the way a local would. You could even pick up a temporary job to get stuck in while you’re there.

The only slight trouble with travel like this is, of course, the cost. For the most part, the temporary job idea can cover things like food and accommodation while you’re away. But, what happens back home? The chances are that you’ll still face paying bills for a house which remains empty. Add that to the expenses you’re already forking out, and long-term travel becomes an impossibility for many.

But, it doesn’t need to be that way. In reality, being aware of this issue means that you can ensure you don’t pay for utilities you don’t use. All you need is consider solutions like those outlined in the following pointers.

Let someone pay your bills for you

A fantastic option here would be to let someone else pay your utility bills for you. Admittedly, this may not work out if you attempt to rent your house, as tenants usually set up their own bills. Besides, the technicalities of this wouldn’t work unless you were away for upwards of six months at a time. Instead then, consider putting your house or apartment up as an Airbnb for the duration of your trip. That way, you can factor bills into your overall rental costs. You should find that this leaves you pulling a profit even after your bills go out. Not only will you save on wasted bills, then, but you’ll provide yourself with some travel spending money to boot.

Only pay for what you use

For some of us, being able to pay monthly lump sums works out best with our lifestyles. It certainly saves on hefty surprise payments. When you’re traveling, though, setting up for monthly ongoing bills isn’t your best bet. Instead, you’d be better off either setting up a pay-as-you-go service or changing the way you use energy. Switching to a monthly meter, for instance, means you’ll pay nothing for the months you’re away. Equally, installing an oil tank and stocking up with companies like River Country Coop could be a better option. That way, your oil supply would sit in wait for you. Spare a thought to your options, then, and settle on the one which best suits your lifestyle.

Settle into service suspensions

If neither of the above appeals to you, phone your utility provider and ask for service suspensions. If you only go away for an extended period once or twice a year, this could be the perfect solution. You’ll find that most companies offer the odd vacation suspension option. With this choice, you can leave yourself bill-free for a month or two each year.

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