Life Tips // 3 Suggestions to Keep Your Home Tidy

If you’re anything like most people, it pretty much goes without saying that you frequently find yourself struggling to keep up with the apparently never-ending chaos, demands, and rush of modern life.

There are likely to be many potential casualties of this struggle to stay on top of things. For example, you may find that you never seem to have much time or energy to reflect on your overall goals in life, and to get a sense of where you’d really like to end up. For another thing, your personal presentation may suffer.

Easily one of the most prevalent and irritating side effects of always being on the go, however, is that your home may well turn into the kind of chronically chaotic and messy place that, try as you might, you just can’t seem to keep tidy.

Here are some suggestions for winning back ground from the general chaos of life, and keeping your home in order.

#1 Really simplify things, and switch out naturally messy features for easy-to-clean ones

If too much complexity in your life, in general, is making it more or less impossible for you to stay on top of things, then wouldn’t it also make sense that too much complexity in your home would only compound the problem?

When all is said and done, really simplifying things in your home — including switching out naturally messy, or dirt-accumulating features for easy-to-clean alternatives — can make a major difference to your overall quality of life, as well as your ability to stay on top of the chores.

Your current flooring is impossible to keep clean? Buy laminate at Have a thousand trinkets to manage? Get rid of all but the really emotionally meaningful ones.

#2 Spend a weekend doing a real, intensive clean and then follow up with a cleaning schedule

If your home is in complete chaos and disarray, you’re not likely to meaningful progress by trying to haphazardly and incrementally tidy it up.

No, instead you’ve got to call in the cavalry and load up the big guns.

Set aside an entire weekend, during which time you’ll do nothing but intensive cleaning and tidying. Take as long as you need. Maybe 12 hours each day. Hey, maybe even that won’t be enough, but it’ll be enough to make a real decisive dent if you’re working earnestly.

Once your home is more or less tidy — or at least, not a complete mess — you need to implement a cleaning schedule or rota. Some system you can use to stay on top of things, bit by bit.

#3 Adopt a minimalist ethos in your home — be harsh about what you let in

You are the gatekeeper of your own home. You’re probably already careful about the kinds of people you welcome into your home. So why wouldn’t you be equally careful about the kinds of items you let into your home?

Maybe when you travel, you’re in the habit of buying gift shop trinket. Or maybe you compulsively pick up kitchen items on sale that you’re not likely to ever use.
Adopt a minimalist ethos in your home, instead. Be harsh about what you let in, and avoid accumulating clutter.