Fresh Picks // Autumn Mantel Inspiration

This post is 100% jumping the gun on fall, HOWEVER my brother started burning his pumpkin spice candle during my visit to San Francisco yesterday because its a little cooler than LA and now autumn is all I can think about. After several recent trolls through my Pinterest feed, I have accrued some gorgeous fall mantel inspiration ideas and hope you enjoy!

^^I love the light box idea, especially during the fall holidays and you can find an affordable option on Target here!

^^ okay so this isn’t a mantel, but had to share this farmhouse dining table arrangement

Had to throw in a few halloweenie ideas, because I may be mildly obsessed with this particular fall holiday. Speaking of… Apartment Therapy has some Halloween fall mantle ideas and where to buy the decorations – so check it out if you are just like me!

Thanks for reading and happy (1 1/2 months) fall! xx Brittany