Bought an Older Home? Here’s How to Prevent Problems

In case you fell in love with an older home and would like to renovate it to your taste, it is crucial that you focus on preventing long term problems first. From leaks to damaged foundations and pest infestations, you will have to prevent later issues that will ruin your brand new decor. Below you will find a few tips on how to get a comprehensive home inspection before you invest money in your renovation project.

Roof Inspection

Just imagine that you have just decorated your new home and installed new fixtures, added real wood flooring just to find out that you have to face with water damage and replace everything, including the furniture, as you forgot to get a roof inspection. It is better to be safe than sorry, and a leak from your roof can cause thousands of dollars of damage and make your house dangerous to live in.

Foundation Repair

The structural stability of your home needs to be assessed by a professional before you would pay the full price. If you don’t get this done, movements and even existing cracks can cause problems later. There are now some really effective ways of repairing your foundation and fixing cracks and gaps without having to demolish walls. Get a structural engineer to create a survey of your building and your walls, so you can rest assured that you are not losing your investment.

Moisture and Dampness

One of the things that can go wrong with older homes is dampness and excess moisture, which can cause damage and mold, too. There are some great dehumidifiers that you can use to deal with the issue, but this is not always the best solution. You can, in fact, get a permanent solution to get rid of excess water. Check out the sump pump prices that will help you move the water away from the house and redistribute it in other areas where they are less likely to cause damage.  

Pest Control

In case the home you bought was empty for a while, you need to be prepared for unwelcome residents. Pest control and deterrence is important when it comes to the hygiene of your home, and the sooner you find out about the animals living in your home or on the attic the better you can deal with the problem. As most companies use fumigation, you might need to move out for the time they carry out the work, which might be inconvenient after you have already settled in your new home.

Safety Checks

You should check the safety of all your appliances, electrical fixtures, and plumbing and heating when buying any house, but the older the building is the more important this step becomes. If you have an old furnace, or an outdated electrical board, it will cost you much less to get them changed than to deal with expensive emergency repairs.

Buying an older home – according to some people – is like calling for trouble. However, if you carry out the essential checks, you will be able to make the most out of your property investment.

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