Should You Wait for a Dream Home or Settle for Less?

The idea of finding your very own dream home can be enticing, but it’s undoubtedly something that you need to wait around for and you may never get to see the perfect home in your lifetime. The truth is; a dream home is difficult to find because your needs are always going to be changing.

At some time in your life you might prefer a smaller home but if you end up starting a large family then you might prefer a larger one. The conditions for a dream home always change, so is it really worth waiting or should you learn to compromise?

Dream locations are expensive and limited

If there’s a part of the world or a city that you absolutely must live in, then you should start thinking about the practicality of it now. Some dream neighborhoods in the world include Calabasas in California, Kensington in London or even Fisher Island in Florida.

However, purchasing a home in these parts of the world is expensive, exclusive and virtually impossible unless you have a lot of influence and money. You either need to start planning your wealth strategy now or you need to start building up a network and relationships to make it to these locations.

Affordable dream homes are a myth

Of course, it depends on your definition of a dream home, but in most cases, a home that’s affordable and ticks all of the right boxes will come with some kind of caveats. For instance, maybe there’s a huge neon sign that lights up the apartment unless you close the blinds, or maybe it’s close to a train station so you’re always hearing a constant rumbling and feeling vibrations. There could be other deep-rooted issues as well, such as the building being so old that asbestos is still lurking in the structure or perhaps there are pest issues that the realtor is conveniently not mentioning.

A real estate inspection should be the first service that you contact when you think you’ve found the dream home at an affordable price. If the inspector does reveal issues then you should be glad that you spent the money to examine it, but if there are no problems with the property then it might be your lucky day!

There are alternatives to buying a dream home

For instance, making a dream home! The reality is that your dream home only exists in your mind. The rooms, features and decor are all in your head because they’re ideas just waiting to be realized in real life. So what better way to obtain a dream home than to invest more into it by building it from scratch?

With the help of designers, construction companies and even architects, you really could have the perfect dream home that ticks every box in your wants and needs and also gives you enough space to renovate your home should you decide to make changes in the future. If it’s a dream home that you’re searching for, there’s no better solution than to build it yourself.

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