Things that Can Ruin Your Interior Decor

If you have worked hard enough to get your home stylish and comfortable, and your efforts are still not getting noticed by your family and friends, chances are that you got some aspects of home design wrong. It is not enough to rearrange the space and give the walls another layer of paint. You will also need to make sure that you are able to make the most out of your rooms, the color schemes, and maximize space while protecting the surfaces. Find some areas to focus on below.

 // Clutter //

No matter how well designed your home is, if it is full of clutter you will not be able to make the most out of your nights in. It might be time to think critically and eliminate the things that are visible, but haven’t been touched for a while, so you can make your home appear more spacious, and ensure that your design is getting noticed. Less is more when it comes to home interiors.

Sunday usually means an interiors post from me, and so I had to introduce my sexy new shelves to you all. We had a blank space (baby) behind the sofa, and we decided on some simple white shelves to fi

// Hidden Dangers of Your Home //

So you have just finished your home renovation and everything is brand new. Then you notice that there is a burst pipe that is leaking water through the ceiling of your brand new kitchen. Engage with Leak Detection services before you start decorating to avoid this issue. Maybe your gutters are clogged, and are dripping water in your home. Your electricity might be outdated, and there are some dark stains appearing near the switches? It is time to prevent more serious problems and protect your work.

// Low Quality Finish //

No matter how much you spent on a brand new furniture, paint, or luxury feature wallpaper. If you did a bad job, didn’t smooth the edges, and there are some missing pieces, you will never achieve the professional and sophisticated look you wanted to get. If you are not good at plastering, it might be time to contact a professional, so your wall looks smooth and elegant, instead of tired and uneven. There are some decoration jobs that are best left to professionals.

// Color Mismatch //

If there is one surefire way to ruin your home style, it is too much and mismatched colors. You only need a background and a contrasting color to make statement and define your space, and using bright, bold colors too much in your home might be distracting and make it look cheap.

The Blonde Venture

// Ugly Appliances //

So you love your gadgets. It is fine, but don’t let them take over your personal space. It is important that you hide or tidy your cables, and it is not a rule that you have to have your washing machine and dryer on display. When designing your kitchen, focus on flush surfaces and hide whatever you can, to get the sophisticated and elegant look that you admire in other homes.

To achieve the stylish look you desire in your home, you need more than furniture and planning. Pay attention to the finish and color combinations, and don’t let your home appliances ruin your space.

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