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Hamptons in a Weekend // Montauk

As many of you already know, I was in The Hamptons a few weekends ago with one of my besties and wanted to share some of the highlights from our mini girls trip for my Northeast babes. Read the post below and I hope you enjoy my travel tips!

I have been doing a lot of travel for work and wanted to do a quick little getaway without needing to take PTO, so luckily I was able to coordinate with my girlfriend to do a trip out to the Hamptons for the weekend. Fun fact – I sold my car 5 years ago when I moved to Philly so I rely heavily on public transportation to get me places.

Luckily there are several quick and affordable options for me to get to NYC without breaking the bank or loosing travel time after work. This might sound crazy to those that have never used this, but I always use Bolt Bus (usually $15 one way) since I visit my NYC gals often. It’s totally safe and majority of the passengers are young twenty-somethings wanting to travel without dropping $150+ on Amtrak. Once I got into NYC it was a quick transfer at Penn Station to the LIRR and then off I went to my friends house in Long Island. We wanted to wake up in the Hamptons so we packed up the car and drove out to Westhampton Friday evening.

Considering I wanted this trip to be partially a mental vacation, we started our morning at the beach in Westhampton and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Travel tip – unfortunately this beach requires a beach pass so make sure to look into beaches in the Hamptons before trek out east.

We wanted to spend the second half of our day and Saturday night in Montauk – which is the farthest east you can go in Long Island but a bit of a drive from Westhampton. The town is quaint and used to be solely occupied by fishermen so majority of the restaurants and shops have more of a laidback beach vibe. Once we arrived, we headed to Montauk Brewing Company which is fairly small and has a great outdoor space once you order your beer. If you want to grab a bite to eat, they partnered with a restuarant next door that has typical bar food and smelled absolutely amazing.

After our brews at Montauk Brew Co., we met up with some friends who spend their summers out east and recommended we go to Montauket which oozes a typical beach town dive feel and nestled directly on the water. There was a band setting up just before sunset, which we were able to enjoy from the deck outside because the bar had opened up its windows letting the music stream out.

Even though it was fairly packed both inside and out, the overcast weather kept the temperature on the cooler side. Unfortunately we were unable to see the sunset, but it just means we will have to come back again next summer to get a better view!

I will be posting our Sunday wine tour soon and thanks for reading xx