The Non-Summer Book List

With beach season underway, I’ve been combing through my fashion mags down at the shore and have been finding the summer Must Read lists slightly underwhelming so I’ve compiled a few books I’ve read recently, old and new for those of us that are interested in a bit more stimulation while soaking in the sun.

Milk and honey // rupi kuar 

First up on the list is one that quickly became one of my favorites already and I’ve dogeared majority of the small illustrated book and highly recommend it not just for the beach, but to throw in your bag and leaf through when you are in the need for some soul searching. I have always enjoyed beautiful poetry and ‘Milk and Honey’ is nothing short of remarkable. One of my favorite poems shared below, for a glimpse into Rupi’s style of writing.

Enchanted Night // Steven Millhauser 

I have never been one for short stories, however this novella was given to me by a friend of mine who seems to have a knack for book recommendations so I decided to venture into the first few pages and was immediately immersed. One section I enjoyed most focused on a group of teenage girls that broke into unsuspecting sleeping neighbors homes leaving notes scattered signed, ‘We Are Your Daughters‘. It is set in a town in Connecticut during a summer night, comprised several stories blended together and a quick read if you have a long weekend to sink in and enjoy.

The Girls // Emma Cline

The way Emma Cline writes is mesmerising and I knew I’d thoroughly enjoy this book as soon as I started reading.  Set in the late 60s, ‘The Girls’ is loosely based on Charles Manson and a group of Californian naïve hippies who venture down a path that ends up going horribly wrong. Certainly not your standard light-hearted book, and most definitely a read for those of us that have a dark brooding nature.

DAre me // Megan abbott

I must admit, this one did come from a summer read list however it aired on the murder-mystery side so I was intrigued. Focusing on a group of senior cheerleaders who succumbed to the nasty side of girlhood, Chapter 1 immediately begins with a suicide of a fellow team member and quickly unravels. I hated when I had to stop and put this book down between reads, so I stayed up a few extra hours one night to finish it.

What we talk about when we talk about love// raymon carver


There’s a reason this book ends up on everyone’s books-I-must-read-before-I-die list. I have read through my favorite beautifully sad stories a few times and each time I find something new that speaks to me. Of all the books to read from this post,  this a must. Enough said.

Dangerous Laughter // steven Millhauser

Another series of short stories by Millhauser which I feel is another must read for the atypical summer book reader. It is comprised of 13 darkly comic short stories and perfectly eligible for reading on the beach. Purely fictional and dreamy, this book transported me while reading and I became consumed once again by his style of writing. A great book for the dreamy reader.

Thank you for reading and I will have more book reviews coming soon! xx brittany