Mastering the Multi-Mask

Recently I have been seeing a lot of my favorite beauty bloggers posting DIY mask photos clearly using different products so I decided to do my own research of the newest beauty trend: multi-masking. This post is dedicated to a few ridiculous photos of my masking process and details on what is best for you and your skin routine.

So what is multi-masking exactly? The name pretty much gives it away, but essentially it is a customized skin care treatment utilizing different types of masks to address problem areas on the surface of the skin. It’s a fairly basic concept, but something I had never thought of trying before until recently. Multi-masking is recommended by dermatologists, especially for people with combination skin (such as myself!) to help target specific ailments.

One of my favorite at home clay masks and a cult classic is the GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD and the full size costs  a pretty penny, rarely going on sale. Instead of opting for several $60+ clay masks, I decided to give a drugstore brand a go.  L’Oreal has been receiving a lot of praise on their newest line of beauty products which are much more reasonable ($12 per mask jar) and will be using them for this post. Also, please note this review is not a paid post!!

For my first go at multi-masking, I decided to do a treatment after a grueling cardio workout and knew I would want to definitely try the Detox & Brighten Mask by L’Oreal- rumor has it Kylie Jenner is obsessed with this product and is the SUPERMUD drugstore dupe. I also purchased the  Exfoliate & Refining Mask and Purify & Mattifying Mask for my treatment. There is one additional product currently available, but I thought buying the fourth mask – Clear & Comfort might be a bit excessive.

The photo below is my ridiculous during process of the multi-mask and after doing some research on the components of each product I decided to start with the purifying mask on my forehead because I’m currently not breaking out, however it always seems to be the area that get shiny first as the day goes on. Next I did the exfoliate under my eyes and cheekbones to help minimize the pores and clear my skin from the layers of concealer during the week.

The final and current fan favorite of the L’Oreal mask line, is the the black detox and brighten mask covering the other 50% of my face. I have always been a fan of products that have charcoal in them because I notice the results typically after one use and this one is no different. My skin typically breaks out most on what I like to call my upside-down ‘T Zone’ (nose and chin) and with all the travel I’ve done recently, I haven’t been able to keep up with my normal skincare regimen.

I will keep doing this variation for the next two weeks 3 times a week to watch for results and am looking forward to clearer, brighter, glowing skin!!

Thanks for reading and I will be sharing an update in a few weeks xx