quando a Roma…

Glass of wine in Rome - TheBlondeVenture.com

campo di fiori hotel outside

^^our hotel looks like it’s from a dream!

campo di fiori room balcony

room with a view in Rome - TheBlondeVenture.com

room at Campo di Fiori - TheBlondeVenture.com

Room balcony in Rome- TheBlondeVenture.com

palm tree rome

Once we had checked into our room, we decided to take a stroll through Rome and explore the area

Roman Buildings - TheBlondeVenture.com

fountain in rome

Roman Flowers - TheBlondeVenture.com

Roman Flower Market - TheBlondeVenture.com

happiest wifey, stumbling across this gorgeous flower market!

Vespa in Rome - TheBlondeVenture.com

Castel Sant'Angelo - TheBlondeVenture.com

Ceiling in Rome - TheBlondeVenture.com

^renovation inspiration anyone!?

The Vatican - TheBlondeVenture.com

before heading to dinner we walked by the Vatican to enjoy the view with less crowds in the evening

Dinner in Rome - TheBlondeVenture.com


window rome

Campo di Fiori Hotel - TheBlondeVenture.com

our dreamy hotel Campo di Fiori at night, covered in ivy

Glass of wine in Rome - TheBlondeVenture.com

As sad as we are that we are nearing the end of our romantic honeymoon in Italy, we’ve arrived at one of the most iconic cities in Europe – Rome! We had to end our trip with a bang so we stayed at the ivy covered boutique hotel called Campo di Fiori. I’m pleased to say our enormous amounts of work payed off because this hotel was just as gorgeous as the last two and well worth the pretty penny we shelled out for our glamorous room overlooking the quaint square which is also called Campo di Fiori.

We took the last few days of our honeymoon to do as much sight seeing that we possibly could and skipped doing guided tours since we have both been to Rome before. Even if you have not been to this beautiful city before and are on a tight schedule, I suggest buying a guidebook of attractions you would like to see and you can give yourself a self-guided tour. We have both been to Vatican City before, but I couldn’t travel to Rome without stopping by the beautiful building.

For dinner, we came across a quaint restuarant with a romantic patio under the sweetest smelling Jasmine and there were tiny twinkling lights dusted throughout the flowers. Per usual, the pasta dishes looked absolutely amazing so we decided to order mushroom fettuccine with fresh parsley and handmade truffle ravioli with a mushroom cream sauce.  The restaurant was down a little alleyway off of the Spanish Steps, so be sure to find it if you are in the  mood for a  delicious Roman meal!

I have one more post from the honeymoon before heading back to the states to enjoy married life! xo