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La Tagliata + The Terrace

the terrace


such a beautiful view of the Amalfi Coast early in the morning


eggplant rollatini

the makings of our eggplant rollatini

me making eggplant rollatini

greenery on the cliffs

tiramisu making

tiramisu chocolate

adding cocoa powder to the tiramisu

guinea pig

Potato farm

plate of food

^^plate one of three!!

the terrace

One of the few things pre-planned was signing up to take an authentic private cooking class up in the hills of Positano at La Tagliata during the trip so we chose our last full day on the Amalfi Coast to have our feast. Our day started at 9 am at the restaurant where our hostess Giorgia greeted us with some delicious Cappuccinos from her husband Giuseppe and some Italian breakfast pastries, including the traditional Torta Caprese that we enjoyed in Capri  – which tasted even better with coffee!!

Once the other couple from our cooking class arrived,  we headed down a path along the cliffs past the potato garden to the small open kitchen that was carved into the stone below the side of the restaurant. Susanna, Giorgia’s sister, had already boiled the potatoes for the gnocchi so we could get right into cooking our meal. Cooking tip – Giorgia recommended to use old potatoes for the gnocchi to help give it the ideal texture.

We made several things over the course of a 3 hour cooking class, all the while trying to make mental notes of the details that we were listening to over broken English from our Italian hostesses. Once we finished making our final meal of the day – the classic Tiramisu – we were given a tour of the terraced farmland before heading back up to the main restaurant at La Tagliata to eat our meal. Not only were we served all of the food that we had prepared an hour earlier, but we were also given several more courses from the main kitchen instilling the traditional Italian hospitality of a home-cooked family meal.

By mid-afternoon we might as well have rolled back down the road to Positano, but by about 8 pm we had already dug back into all of the leftovers before our late night dinner at Bruno that evening. I am so happy we were able to experience traditional Italian cooking at La Tagliata and would absolutely recommend it to couples, families and large groups as a fun experience to immerse yourself in the local Amalfi Coast culture.

Once I receive the recipes from Giorgia I will do a post on some of our favorite dishes of the day.

Next up, Rome! Stay tuned… xo