Ciao Bella

The Blonde at the Colosseum

roman statue

fiat 500

^^how adorable is this little Fiat Cinquecento?!

fontana di trevi daytime

this magnificent fountain opened just in time!




Latte in Rome -

campo di fiori market




roman deli

campo second rooftop

^Campo di Fiori’sΒ beautiful rooftop with a beautiful 360 view of Rome

campo rooftop



campo di fiori view

Mirror on wall, Rome Mirror in Rome -

Mirror in Rome -

fountain of the horses -


^^I had visited the colosseum when I was a kid and felt like a little girl all over again once we arrived just as the sun was starting to set

colosseum sunset side - TheBlondeVenture


The Blonde at the Colosseum

colosseum sunset - TheBlondeVenture


Fontana di Trevi at night Mirror on wall, Rome Mirror in Rome -

trevi fountain at night

fontana di trevi at night


WeΒ  decided for the last day of our trip to italy to visit the other iconic attractions of Rome and take in the beauty of this ancient city. We started our morning walking to Fontana di TreviΒ which had recently finished being renovated in 2015. It was absolutely breathtaking and fully restored to its original condition. Even though it was extremely crowded, it was well worth making our way to the front Β to get an unobstructed view of the architecture.

From there, we slowly made our way through the city, stopping along the way to enjoy one of our last Italian lattes. Before we went out to dinner, we came back to the hotel to enjoy an afternoon glass of wine on the rooftop and the 360 view of the city. It was nice taking a few hours to just relax and do nothing but lay under the sun out of the way of the bustling city below. I really wanted to city the Colosseum at sunset, so we gave ourselves an hour to get back across the city before the sun started to set. Personally, I think it was one of the best times to enjoy this attraction because the last of the tours had ended and the crowds had died down significantly.

I hope you enjoyed and I have already started mentally booking my next adventure to write about soon! xo