Keep it Classic // Timeless Home Decor Inspo

Redecorating and transforming your home can be a lot of fun, but it comes at a cost. New kitchen and bathrooms, new decor, furniture and more can cost absolutely thousands. If you want to avoid shelling out every few years, your best bet is to keep things classic. Go with good quality furniture that will last, and styles that won’t look dated when trends move on. You can easily switch up the accessories of a room to add color or interest cheaply- as long as the ‘bare bones’ of the rooms have been chosen well. Here are some classic styles that will stand the test of time, and enable you to switch up the look of your home over the years just by changing out a few cheap accessories.

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Life Tips // 3 Suggestions to Keep Your Home Tidy

If you’re anything like most people, it pretty much goes without saying that you frequently find yourself struggling to keep up with the apparently never-ending chaos, demands, and rush of modern life.

There are likely to be many potential casualties of this struggle to stay on top of things. For example, you may find that you never seem to have much time or energy to reflect on your overall goals in life, and to get a sense of where you’d really like to end up. For another thing, your personal presentation may suffer.

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Travel Tips Abroad // To Rent A Car or Not to Rent a Car?

It’s hard to take advantage of your time in a place if you don’t have the right transport for it. When going on vacation, a lot of people try to rely on the public transport found in their destination, only to find that the language barrier makes it near impossible to use the systems which are in place for the locals. Along with this, buses and trains may not always cover all of the ground you’d like to see. When you decide to drive on vacation, though, you have to consider the risks which come with it, not just the benefits.

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